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Is your child getting the services they need?Our comprehensive assessments address all academic areas and result in functional interventions which guarantee school success!

We specialize in advocate and attorney collaboration on comprehensive independent language and literacy assessments (with and without school observations) of individuals 4-18 years of age struggling with the appropriate acquisition of language and literacy skills. Please click below to request our assessment overview document explaining the steps of the evaluation process.

Client Testimonials!

What our clients are telling us about our Comprehensive Evaluations Services.

Bluntly, Tatyana is outstanding! Not only is she extremely professional, but kind and considerate of the children she is helping. She took extreme care and all the time needed to truly and thoroughly evaluate my son and provide feedback that was evidence-based, included diagnoses, and recommendations for moving forward. As a parent, she listened intently to my concerns and spoke clearly to me about them and how they related to what she found during her testing sessions. She was easy to communicate with and always incredibly respectful and responsive!

I would highly recommend Tatyana to anyone who may be concerned about their child in the areas language and literacy as she will uncover underlying issues and provide a map for remediation. She will be an invaluable resource and advocate for your child. I thank her so much for how she helped my son. She is a true expert and tremendous asset to your child’s team!


I found Tatyana Elleseff after doing extensive research on my own to find an SLP who could do a comprehensive language and literacy evaluation for my 6 year old grandson. He was denied speech and language services going into kindergarten due to test scores being too high, despite the fact that I felt he had some fairly obvious weakness in his language. Tatyana was wonderful to work with. She took the time to look through all previous evaluations in order to come up with a very individualized set of assessments that were done over several separate appointments, so as to accommodate my grandson’s needs.

The final report was above and beyond what I expected. Not only did it uncover significant language impairment, but also contained a treatment plan with long and short term goals, suggestions for future assessments and guidance for how and when to end treatment.

Tatyana’s expertise in this field was evident in her attention to detail in everyone of the assessments, much of it backed up by research with citations.

I would highly recommend Tatyana Elleseff to anyone looking for an excellent and comprehensive language and literacy evaluation

Ann Briggs

Tatyana Elleseff was referred to me by a psychiatrist in 2016 to assess why my very bright son was having difficulties in reading, writing, and social skills. We learned the term 2E or twice-exceptional which refers to intellectually gifted children with above-average intelligence diagnosed with disabilities (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder/“Asperger’s”, Dyslexia, etc.), which negatively affect their ability to learn in traditional academic environments.

Background information was given and she listened to my concerns. She recommended a full language and literacy evaluation and explained to me what the evaluation would include and helped me understand what this would determine. This evaluation report identified strengths and weaknesses that we would not have been aware of had we not pursued it. We had difficulties with our district and we relied on this evaluation report to obtain an IEP, not just for accommodations but for remediation.

Our evaluation was 9 hours, broken up into 4 sessions followed by a school observation. Diagnoses included mixed receptive-expressive language disorder, social pragmatic communication disorder, specific reading disorder, and disorder of written expression. Long-term goals, short-term goals, and detailed intervention recommendations were clearly defined.

Our school district was not providing an appropriate IEP. We unilaterally placed him in a private 2E/Gifted school. Ms. Elleseff observed our son in his school setting and provided a progress report. We went to trial where she testified and was deemed a credible expert witness by the judge.

Independent evaluations are invaluable. Ms. Elleseff truly has a passion for her work and is championing children’s needs. Her Curriculum Vitae is extensive and impressive. Ms. Elleseff promptly returned my call and listened to me patiently. I was so relieved and grateful to finally find someone who understood. She has ALWAYS been prompt and organized. Her system for setting up consultations and evaluations is concise with well-defined contracts as to what services are to be provided, what the process is, and the time frame. She completed the report promptly and comprehensively. Early intervention is so critical and I am grateful to have had the chance to work with Tatyana.


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