Parent Consultation

Coaching for Parents!

Parent Consultation

Provided to clients who are interested in comprehensive specialized in-depth consultations and recommendations regarding what type of follow-up speech-language services (assessment and treatment) they should be seeking/obtaining for their children as well as what type of carryover activities they should be doing with their children at home.

  • Language and Literacy 
  • Children with Social Communication (Pragmatic) Disorders
  • Bilingual and Multicultural Children
  • Post-institutionalized Internationally Adopted Children
  • Children with Psychiatric and Emotional Disturbances
  • Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Consultation Length: The initial consultation length is  1 hour. It is conducted via Zoom. Clients are expected to forward their child’s records prior to the consultation for review, fill out 4 relevant intakes and questionnaires, and in some cases record a short video (~1-2 minutes) if needed. The instructions regarding video content will be provided to them following session payment.

Please note that the initial consultation may include Smart Speech Therapy LLC literature, material, and resource website recommendations. However, it will not include any of the products that may be mentioned in response to specific queries during the course of the consultation.

Scheduling: Upon purchasing a consultation the client will be immediately emailed the necessary paperwork to fill out as well as potential dates and times for the consultation to take place.   Afternoon, Evening, and Weekend hours are available for the client’s convenience. In cases of emergencies, consultations may be rescheduled at the client’s/consultant’s mutual convenience.

Refund Policy: Refunds are NOT available for this service.

Consultation Reports: Following the consultation the client has the option of requesting a written detailed consultation report at an additional cost, which is determined based on the consultant’s current hourly rate.

Client Testimonials!

What our clients are telling us about our Parent Consultations!

Tatyana has gone above and beyond. She recommended additional information to request in reports. Then she reviewed the full reports when additional information was provided. She provided short term goals and programs and additional follow up possibilities with clinician for clarification and specification. These goals and recommendations will help me adequately advocate for my child, find appropriate services and developed a well-designed IEP specific to my child’s needs. My only recommendation is that I wish Tatyana was in my home state of NE.

Nichole J Malmkar

Tatyana was very thorough in reviewing my daughter’s information and helped me to know what next steps to take. She is clearly very knowledgeable and breaks the information down so that it is easy to understand. I appreciate her time that she takes to go through all of the intake forms and explaining what patterns she sees and what would be the best steps to take.

Tammy Anthony

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