Professional Consultation – 1 hour

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Virtual consultation conducted by videoconference.

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Professional Consultations

Virtual consultation conducted by videoconference provided to Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) seeking specialized in-depth assessment and/or treatment recommendations regarding specific client cases or who are looking to further their professional education in the following specialization areas:

  • Performing Independent Evaluations (IEEs) in Special Education Disputes
  • Comprehensive Language and Literacy Assessments
  • Comprehensive Early Intervention Assessments of Monolingual and Bilingual Children
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of post-institutionalized Internationally Adopted Children
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of Children with Psychiatric and Emotional Disturbances
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • Assessment and Management of Social Pragmatic Language Disorders
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of Bilingual and Multicultural Children
  • Speech Language Assessment and Treatment of Severely Cognitively Impaired Clients
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of Children with Genetic Disorders

Consultation Length: The initial consultation length is 1 hour. It is provided via Zoom. In select cases, SLPs can forward de-identified client records prior to the consultation for review. In other cases recording a short video (~10 minutes) of the client in question is recommended. The instructions regarding video content will be provided to them following session payment.

The goal of this service is to facilitate the professional’s learning in the desired specialization area. Please note that the initial consultation may include Smart Speech Therapy LLC literature, material, and resource website recommendations. However, it will not include any products that may be mentioned in response to specific queries during the course of the consultation.

Scheduling: Upon purchasing a consultation the client will be immediately emailed potential dates and times for the consultation to take place.   Afternoon, Evening, and Weekend hours are available for the client’s convenience. In cases of emergency, consultations may be rescheduled at the client’s/consultant’s mutual convenience.

Refund Policy: Refunds are NOT available for this type of service.

9 reviews for Professional Consultation – 1 hour

  1. melissacccslp

    I’ve had several video consultations with Tatyana and I learned SO much, it was so beneficial to my practice! She went over many language-literacy cases with me and gave professional direction for the evaluations and treatment planning. I highly recommend a consultation for anyone who wants guidance on a difficult case from a highly experienced and skilled clinician or for anyone who just wants to broaden their skill base. Thanks Tatyana!

  2. jwaldron

    My wonderful colleague first introduced me to the Smart Speech Therapy website and together we began referring to the plethora of evidence based information Tatyana has shared through this platform. I have also been part of the EBP Facebook group for school based SLPs, another incredible resource for collaboration with SLPs around the world as well as another warehouse of resources to support the incredible work of the busy SLP. An intensive, complex evaluation began our research on the psychometrics of many of the standardized, norm-referenced language assessments commonly used in our district. Rather than recreating the wheel we searched Tatyana’s EBP resources for evidence of the normative data; specifically, the parameters of sensitivity and specificity for assessments. I personally reached out to Tatyana for clarification on some assessments and she was immediately helpful with her responses. After this research, it has become clear that our district SLP team has some quality discussions and decisions ahead of us in determining what tools and procedures we are using to determine initial eligibility as well as continued need for services. I then had the pleasure of consulting with Tatyana on a complex language case. She was kind and generous with sharing her knowledge and expertise, particularly when analyzing oral and written language samples. She quickly derived linguistic weaknesses from the samples that helped guide next steps in the evaluation process. Her approach was direct, functional, with clear application of current research, and most importantly realistic with analyzing all areas of language as they integrate together to either support or hinder effective communication. As a clinician, I learned an incredible amount from our conversation. I continually find this field to be humbling as I hone my skills—it will be a lifelong effort without a doubt. In a matter of minutes I became a better SLP. I have nothing but gratitude and positive reviews to share about my interaction with the website, access to online resources with clear connections to evidence based practices, the EBP Facebook community, and excellent professional consultation with Tatyana. Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge.

  3. leanne

    I just finished with my second consultation with Tatyana – this time for treatment planning. Again, I am left feeling so much gratitude for her insights and knowledge about ALL areas about our important work. She read my evaluation, as well as other evaluation reports written about my client and watched videos from treatment sessions and looked a client work samples. As a result she was able to help me work towards developing a focus and strategies for my work with this complicated client. As I told her, my only wish is that I could consult with her regarding each of my clients!

  4. angslp

    I had a one hour consultation with Tatyana regarding the latest evidence-based research for literacy. She was both extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Tatyana was able to help guide me to the most relevant literature and provided guidance in my research development. I will definitely be consulting with her again as I get closer to my research project.

  5. speakupbilingualslp

    I sent Tatyana an audio of a student’s narrative. Within minutes, she was able to pinpoint the student’s strengths/challenges and helped me formulate a functional treatment plan for the student. I was mesmerized and a little awe-struck by her ability to “get it” so quickly and confidently. She also sent me relevant articles so I can better prepare for my sessions. I highly recommend consulting with Tatyana. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to tap into her fountain of knowledge and expertise.
    Moran Lev-Ary,
    Speak Up Bilingual SLP

  6. ybernstein@sparktherapy.info

    Tatyana’s professional expertise and advice was invaluable when I was presented with an unusual case. With a brief summary of assessment results and a series of videos that I sent her, she was able to immediately identify the key issues, suggest an appropriate diagnosis and provide the relevant research to back up her recommendations. She has such a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips! I strongly recommend Tatyana’s professional consultation services.

  7. leanne

    Today I had the opportunity to consult with Tatyana about a client with an interesting presentation that is relatively new to me. Tatyana reviewed my drafted report and evaluation documents, and then in a non-judgemental manner, she provided guidance where I had erred and helped me pull the pieces together so that I could have a big picture understanding of my client and her needs. I now feel confident to share my report with the parents and have research supported evidence to back up my conclusions and recommendations. This evaluation turned into a trememendous learning experience and I will definitely take advantage of this opportunity to consult with Tatyana in the future.

  8. Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC

    I have participated in a professional consultation with Tatyana and it has been so helpful. Her advice is practical and very clear. Her professional consultations regarding caseload questions are very thorough and her recommendations are quite comprehensive chock full with numerous evidence-based strategies, classroom and therapy room accommodations and modifications. In addition, when asked more personalized mentoring questions, she has been extremely helpful in guiding me with respect to the ins and outs of becoming a professional presenter. Her experience and knowledge in a wide variety of professional areas is unparalleled. I cannot recommend her enough for your professional needs.
    Maria Del Duca, M.S. CCC-SLP
    Communication Station: Speech Therapy LLC

  9. krivelevichslp

    I recently had the pleasure of participating in a 1-hour phone consultation with Tatyana Elleseff, M.A. CCC-SLP for the purpose of honing my evaluation skills of the Early Intervention age group. Within this hour Tatyana outlined her evaluation process, the sub-headings and overall content of a sample evaluation report, resources utilized, and trouble-shooting strategies. I was incredibly impressed with her breadth of knowledge, her overall professionalism and the depth of content within her evaluation reports. After completion of the consultation she also sent me many resources to review to further enhance my evaluation skills. Through this consultation I gained invaluable mentorship for which I am grateful and I am certain that my evaluation skills will improve as a result. I highly recommend Tatyana’s consultation services and look forward to consulting with her again in the near future.

    Valeria Krivelevich M.A. CCC-SLP
    Effective Expression Speech Therapy PLLC

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