A Reading Program is NOT Enough: A Deep Dive into the Dyslexia Diagnosis

In August 2021, I did an outreach webinar for Georgia IDA which discussed the importance of appropriate language and literacy testing in the remediation of reading-based disabilities. I reviewed current controversies regarding the dyslexia diagnosis, and described the role of language as a contributing factor to reading and writing deficits. But the major focus of the presentation was on discussing the strengths and limitations of popularly recommended reading approaches/programs for struggling readers. These included Orton Gillingham, Wilson, Lindamood Bell, and the Barton Program, with respect to the exclusivity of use. I finished the webinar by outlining the process leading up to the appropriate treatment goal recommendations. Due to popular demand, instead of accessing this presentation via CEU SmartHub, viewers are now able to access this two-part video below.


However, if viewers are interested in obtaining presentation handouts, certificates, or CEUs for this webinar, it is now available as part of the Science of Reading Certification and the CEU SmartHub comprehensive 7.5-hour literacy training entitled: “Emergent Reading Master Course“.

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