Free Webinar: EBP Executive Functions Interventions: Focus on Self-Talk and Motivation

On November 16th, 2022, I did a free outreach webinar hosted jointly by two wonderful literacy organizations: WI Reads as well as Everyone Reads PA on the subject of fostering self-talk and self-motivation in children who struggle with executive functions as well as concomitant language and literacy needs. In this webinar, I discussed the research on executive functions, language, reading, and writing as well as how that knowledge will result in evidence-based interventions aimed at improving self-regulation and motivation in students with language and literacy deficits. Due to popular demand, this webinar recording can now be accessed by all the viewers who were originally unable to attend it live due to other obligations.

This webinar is part of a series on EBP Executive Functions Interventions in Students with Language and Literacy Needs

If after the completion of this webinar, you are further interested in expanding your knowledge regarding evidence-based Executive Functions assessment and interventions in speech pathology, please note that the first free webinar in this series entitled: Evidence-Based Executive Functions Interventions for Struggling Learners can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted webinar name.

Furthermore, both abridged webinars are part of an extensive full-day executive functions training entitled: “Evidence-Based Executive Functions Interventions for Academic and Social Success“. These can be presented on a multi-hour, half-day, or full-day basis. To learn more, click HERE to fill out the speaking engagement form.

AFTER the completion of this webinar click below to complete a survey for feedback purposes to receive WEBINAR HANDOUTS

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